Roller Blinds


Roller blinds can be kept at any desired position. It has 5 different operating functions: Middle-pull, pearl chain, crank arm and electrical (24 or 230 V).
Different shaft measures (from 25 cm to 50 cm) guarantees it to work with full performance even with largest scales. Mounting profile and semi-round panels can be adapted to the curtains. Optional side guide cords, allow the fabric to stay fixed when it is opened.

WAREMA is also produced with side mechanism supporters or in scales of 115 x 115 mm with cover panel for the usage in projects covering large areas. Side guides are adjusted with aluminum rails or steel cords. Apart from these, roller blinds are also delivered as free hanging without the side guides. The electrical type which works with a 230 volt motor offers a usage with comfort. In addition to that, pearl chains are also available as a choice for mechanism panel. Aluminum components are applicable with every RAL color.

Roller blinds with special shapes such as trapeze and triangle with different color choices are also available and they are applicable in projects forcing the limits of modern architecture. It offers a perfect usage with its middle-pull system.