Pleated Blinds


4 types are available:

* It is possible to use the free hanging model for every kind of window applications. A variety of operating methods are available from plain cord usage to 24 volt motor. Optional steel threads can be added to enhance the stability of the fabric. 

* A front stretching model is also available for horizontal windows, with an application of additional stretching threads to the sides of the curtain. Guide rails and stretching system prevents sunlight entry from sides. The fabric can be moved manually with the help of a grip or a bar.                                               

*Models applied to indoor areas with glass ceilings or to winter gardens with bended glass ceilings, are produced as manually operated or with 24 volt motor.  

*Asymmetric model supported with a cord is appropriate for triangle windows. No-level position adjustment is done by cord rollers. It is applicable up to 45° tilts. For tilts exceeding 45°, upper triangle part has to stay fixed. If there is no frame provided in the area, there are options with their own frames as well. Curtains can be used with a handle or a cord as desired.