Central System / Wisotronic


Wisotronic is an intelligent control system for your individual sun shading combination. It is suitable for all WAREMA products and at home in various environments. The control system provides a comfortable room climate and a pleasant living or working environment, even when you are busy or not at home. The design provides visual highlights – it received the iF product design award 2012.


  • easy commissioning using the quick start menu (ready to operate after 5 settings)
  • 4 adjustable scenes create an individual feel-good atmosphere
  • temperature sensor integrated into the operating panel
  • weather data such as temperature or wind speed displayed on the operating panel
  • integrated timer
  • integrated ice monitoring protects sun shading products against damage
  • system can be expanded or extended at any time
  • high-gloss surface provides visual highlights in the living area
  • operating panels available in black or white