We are the representative of Europe’s largest sun shade producer of the German brand WAREMA, in Turkey.

WAREMA introduces sun shade systems produces with the latest technologies and it offers architects with numerous alternatives of aluminum or textile materials. It has entered a restructuring process since the beginning of 2009, in order to support the product quality with service quality and to ensure more expanded sales and maintenance services in its projects in Turkey and in related other countries abroad. 

The SUN-SET company which was thus established accordingly is still proceeding with the franchise system works all over Turkey, applying the support to sales and after-sales services as well as project support to all projects that will be favored by the WAREMA brand.  

SUN - SET’s primary objectives are to introduce and expand the use of sun shade systems, which are nowadays crucial for energy saving, as well as realize the architectural requirements through the support it will provide to projects.  

• Finding suitable solutions to needs, in accordance with design.
• Make the designed structures livable; introduce suggestions that address to everybody.
• Finding functional solutions to our everyday lives’ problems, by using advanced technologies in the best way, 
• The design concept; continuously progressing with an analytical engineering approach, by introducing diversity that addresses quality and well-supported products to personal taste.